M E D I A - One of the world's best-known BMW cars. Only ex in the world!

* Award-winning car that has participated in most of the car mags in Sweden and several overseas. * Prize at the Elmia Fair - People's Choice * Exhibited at STCC * Attended in Music Video * Trackdays in Sweden * Attended Gumball 3000 - Miami to Ibiza * Dupont Network * Exhibited at Arlanda Car Festival, Bimmer Fest etc.



Exposure your company on one of Sweden's most famous cars! Do not hesitate to ask if you want to use the car at an event or if you want to rent it in conjunction with the company's kickoff. We have lots of opportunities helping you to create an unforgettable experience! Racing on track, take racing license. We offer experienced instructors and have the opportunity to hire famous racing stars through unique cooperation. If you want the car in your own garage, acquire the only ex in the world.

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